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The FALCO VST-50 Turnstile is designed to be smooth operating and long lasting. FALCO VST-50 is the best hot selling padestrian turnstile with RFID card and face verification mode. Materials like barrier swings-plastic plate, toughened glass and stainless steel frame with 3 colors LED lights make the turnstile design stylish and elevate the premium atmosphere of any building.

The FALCO VST-50 Turnstile possesses a wide lane which is suitable for people with disabilities and has multiple operating mode such as single passage in the set direction, Bi-directional single phase, free passage in the set direction and always free or locked.

  • LED Lights 3 colours (Blue, Green & Red).
  • Stainless steel body with high durability industrial parts.
  • Advances smart control intelligent motherboard.
  • Quite, without any noise and shock with smooth operation.

VST-50 Models


Product Size

1400 x 200 x 980 mm

Unlock time

0.2 s

Pass Rate

45 person / min

Pass Width

600 / 1100mm for wheel chair lane


AC 100v ~ 240v


50 ~ 60 Hz

Opr. Voltage/ Max Power

DC 24V / 35 W

Working Temperature

-25 ~ 70 °C

Protection Level

IP 44

Dry Contact

DC 12V

Net Weight

60 Kg


Wooden Case Package


6 million no fault