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AY-UF 355 (Lite)

The FALCO AY-UF355 (Lite) is the economic price facial recognition with embedded mifare card reader, 5-inch IPS all-sight LCD touch screen and live face detection camera. The reader proven to have 99.99% recognition accuracy with recognition speed less than a second.

The FALCO AY-UF355 reader comes with GDPR feature that provide privacy of data for end user and quickly identify attack methods such as photos, videos and masks with live detection and voice prompt to provide high security and convenience environment.

  • Recognition accuracy 99.99%
  • Less than 1s high-speed verification.
  • 3,000 facial template.
  • Live detection algorithm against photos, videos and 3D masks attack.

AY-UF 355 (Lite) Models

AY-UF355 (Lite)

Output Port


Card Supported



13.56 MHz


Dual-core ARM cortex-A7@900Mhz, 4GB ROM + 512 MB RAM


IR, RGB dual-Lens camera, Recognition range (0.3~2m)

External Interface

Relay, Wiegand Out, USB, Door Sensor, Exit button

Operating System


Operating Temperature

-10 °C to 50°C

Operating Voltage

DC 12V/ 2A


3, 000 face and 10, 000 logs

Display Screen

5-inch IPS full-view LCD touch Screen


10% ~ 90%


186 x 94 x 23 mm