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Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods securely inside and threats outside has become a fundamental premise, solidifying the use of Cloud Access Systems such as Cloud Access Control. In a Globalized world such as today, our solutions allow multi-site companies to have the power to administrate their system from a single location, remotely, reducing operational costs and centralizing expertise like Cloud Access System. At the same time, Cloud Access Control System offers total mobility, because it is a Cloud platform allowing any computer or mobile device with a navigator to be connected to the Cloud Access System, through the intranet/internet. It is an open architecture of Cloud Access System solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Metadata, On-screen Display or Data Banks.


A software module for Vault Cloud Site of local access control server. Having several resources such as integration with CCTV systems, elevator control, intrusion alarm sensors, integration with fire detection systems, visitor registration and control system (VMS), and much more. It works in conjunction with Vault Cloud Site controllers (doors, turnstiles, elevators, lockers/racks, gates/barriers, etc.), feeding them with the business rules and receiving their transactions. In case your communication is off-line, the controllers will continue to operate in a transparent manner, allowing people and vehicles to continue circulating according to their privileges, and when communication is reestablished, all the information will be synchronized with the Cloud Access System. In addition, the VAULT CLOUD SITE system communicates constantly with the VAULT CLOUD CENTRAL system, to update and backup your Data Bank, incrementing, in an exponential way the System's security and integrity.


Is responsible for centralizing and managing all the information from all the Vault Cloud sites system. It may segment the Access privileges and reports of all the sites, independently. It receives the transactions from all VAULT CLOUD SITE, and organizes them in the Cloud system. It is a powerful tool for large scale systems, making their administration easier and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability on large data volume. It also has additional valuable tools such as Web Visitors Pre-registration, Data Bank segmentation and much more.

Visitor Management System

The security requirements of company, school, condo, housing area and large organizations are challenging and growing increasingly.visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly thru the system and allowed to visit only the relevent areas. FVMS, provides comprehensive visitor registration, tracking, reporting and access control integrations to tracks visitors effectively and efficiently.Some of the features are print professional looking visitor badges and visitor slip, easy and user friendly interface, barcode scanning, MyKad Registration, blacklisting of visitor, visitor asset control and many more













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