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Sbox Mobile Access Control System
Sbox Mobile Access Control System

MBOX is a Plug & Play Security Door Access System. VAULT has elevated visitor management well beyond the simple act of registration and incorporated notions of security, health and safety, brand promotion, customer communication and privacy. Vault VMS Cloud simplifies visitor registration process with invitation and pre-registration that provides visitor information.


User-Friendly Interface

is two systems are developed to run seamlessly on one platform. Easy installation, configuration and operation turn the application of a complete and sophisticated Plug and Play integrated security system into reality.

Visitor Recognition

Make your visitors feel truly welcome. Your visitor's name will be displayed on the screen as they check in and the app can remember details, like how they like their drink. They are not just any visitor.


Increments of one up to 10 of face readers provide great flexibility to the system. From small to global companies with installation in every continent, Vault Enterprise Site allows for unlimited scalability.

Data Protection

Your data is safe with us. It is backed up daily across multiple servers, so you can have access to it even if there is a hardware issue. It is also yours to keep. You can, at any time, retrieve all your data.


Vault powered the user to clock in & out with face recognition technology. Vault offer multiple kind of report such as Time Attendance, Transaction History, Audit Trail, Time Zone, Access Category, Roll Call and Manual Entry Report.


Alert key people when a visitor checks in or forgets to check out, or just about a specific visit. Make visitors aware of safety and confidentiality rules, keeping your facilities and data safe.

Mobile App

Vault VMS Cloud application is now available for IOS and Android. The application is easy to use and user friendly.

Impress Visitor

Create a welcome that stands out by allowing your visitors to sign themselves in, while you focus on giving them a warm personal greeting.

Send Notification

Send visitors and hosts a friendly text or email reminder before their visit, at check in and at check out.


Once the visitor actually gets their visit, their credentials can be ready and waiting for them. This functionality eliminates possible long lines at the front desk if numerous visitors arrive at the same time.













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