The most cost effective, reliable, state-of-the-art Integrated Security Control Management System

The Falco System is a premier IP & PoE integrated security management system for your corporate security needs in small to large enterprises. Its simplicity and intuitive graphical user interface combine together makes Falco System an advance and powerful - yet easy to use - integrated security management system.

 Falco PoE: 1st Native IP Controller Integrated with POE Access Control System
FALCO controller integrated POE onboard, connects directly to the IP network and utilizes the 802.3at PoE (Power Over Ethernet) standards to power itself. At the same time, provide active peer to peer communication feature. This is a new ways for cost-cutting alternative of supplying power able to support up to 2 doors (4 em locks and 4 readers) over a single cat 5e/6 cable without the need to have an external power supply at each door.

 IP Video Camera Integration 
Over more than 30 brands of IP camera can be integrated with Falco IP Access Control System for seamless activation of live video viewing, recording, comparison. LIVE video viewing & event driven recording such as stored alarm video images can be playback by simple mouse clicks.

 FalcoWeb Access 
Any existing PC with web browser and an internet connection can be used to take advantage of FalcoWeb complete suit of access functions anytime, from any place on the globe

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It's true IP integrated POE onboard controller. Support 2 doors ie. up to 4x EM locks & 4x proximity  readers over a single cat 5e/6 cable without the need to have an external power supply at each door.
80,000 Events, 150,000 users
Native IP controller with Peer to Peer communication without server is on.  

IP Video Integration Solution 




Web based access control solution  
PoE access controller, save your cost on cabling  

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